Sumvelo X Cyclonesia: PIAS 2011 (production note 1)

You might remember, back in 2010. Sumvelo and Cyclonesia started a little frame set project called “PIAS”.

We ordered some 2 samples. The original prototypes were 2 track frames. One was a lugged classic frame, and the other was tig welded. They were build out from Columbus Thron tubings, which was the second moset affordable steel tubings from the well known Columbus.

Nothing were wrong with those frames. They were tight frames that ride good on streets like Jakarta’s (rough and lots of holes, and also a**holes). The only thing that worried us was, if they eventually hit the stores, the price tag would’ve been hefty. Pricey!

So we went around to find another solution. Found another frame builder, the same builder that a UK based fixed gear bike brand has been working with. We threw all the specs and needs, exchanged hundreds of e-mails. Technical drawings, fork options, color options, and things in between.

Stick to the plan, Cyclonesia and Sumvelo think that Indonesia still need a frame set like PIAS’. An affordable yet good set, a bang-for-buck! The characteristics have to match with the “battlefield”. Admit this, streets in most Indonesian cities ARE NOT friendly, the surface, the holes, the a**holes (as i mentioned before), and others.

The status is now: prototype making. We have these two great ideas for PIAS. Two different geometries, two different dropouts, that we are looking forward to test out in the near future. Hopefully the prototypes will be tested within July. Thus we can decide which one we’ll be mass producing.

Some more facts:

  • Prototypes are in size 53 and 55 (center to center), ‘tho we’re considering to make smaller sizes for Indonesian market.
  • Will accomodate maximum 700×28 tires
  • Track, not trick
  • No rear brake hole
  • Standard size head tube
  • Threaded fork (dont we just love classic look)
  • 4130 CrMo double butted frame tubings (which will be lighter than Hi Tensile that Indonesian builder use, and will be better, streetwise)
  • TIG welded
  • track axle spacing, 100mm front, and 120 down in back

via FXFW or Sumvelo

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2 responses to “Sumvelo X Cyclonesia: PIAS 2011 (production note 1)

  1. R Hendrik

    More photo pleaseee. Ngga sabar nunggu pias beredar di jakarta. Kalo mau ngetes, tolong dipublish di blog juga dong om biar kita yang penasaran juga bisa liat langsung dan ikut bantu milih wich one is better di lubang2 jakarta :)


  2. funkyfix

    Go PIAS..jgn sampai kalah cepet sama…another local brand.

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